Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th September 2020 Episode 483 Video

The Episode starts with Malhar wrapping up Kalyani with the blanket and says someone take out the car. Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th September 2020 Episode 483 Video Later Aao Saheb asks Vivek. Vivek tells that Kalyani is used for operation. Aao Saheb asks him to call the best doctor and use any amount of money. She requests him to tell the doctor that Kalyani is the DM of this city. She gets Damini’s call and tells her that Kalyani is used for operation. She ends the call. Pallavi thinks if Kalyani dies then I have to run to jail. Aao Saheb hears her and says what do you believe that I will not know that you had mixed nail polish remover in Anupriya’s bath water. She threatens to cut her claws using beetal cutter. Pallavi tells that she wanted to take vengeance from Anupriya, but not Kalyani. She tells that she will not do this mistake over and asks her to leave her. Aao Saheb gives her and tells how did you think that you will take a big decision out my experience. She says I will show your value to me and asks Godaveri asking her to bring Pallavi’s purse. Godaveri brings her purse. Aao saheb appropriates Pallavi’s credit passes and cuts it with beetal cutter. She says you will understand your value, when you want infront of me. She takes out her jewelry, bangles and earrings from Pallavi. She says not you have money nor jewellery, asks her to mix nail polish remover in the pool and set herself on fire. She says this system is bad.

Anupriya comes out of the hospital and thinks of Doctor’s words that Kalyani is important and next 24 hours are critical. Malhar is waiting farther and asks Anupriya to tell what doctor said. He says I came out as I didn’t want to show with Vivek. Anupriya recalls Aao Saheb’s words that Malhar will try to stop Kalyani. She takes the digger/hoe and says I know that you are near Kalyani as you needed to kill her. She says I don’t know why you want to kill her. She handsover the digger/hoe to Malhar and says that once you used to think me as your mother, asks him to kill her and leave Kalyani. She screams and folds her hands. She says leave my daughter, kill me, I will not say anything. She invites him to hold the hoe/digger and kill her. Swara comes there and asks what are you doing? She says whatever passed 5 years ago, I can’t forgive him, but he has saved her infront of everyone. She says Kalyani is saved today because of him and asks her not to blame Dada. Anupriya asks her to investigate Malhar to go and not to get near Kalyani. Malhar says but…Swara asks Malhar to go and does Anupriya sit. She then asks Anupriya about the sea with what she has taken bath and tells that it was not Gulab jal, but nail shine remover in that water. Anupriya is concerned.
She comes home. Pallavi asks how is Kalyani? Anupriya says you dislike me so much…pours nail polish remover on herself and asks Pallavi to kill her. Pallavi says no…Anupriya asks her if she doesn’t feel embarrassed to do this and tells that if anything appears to Kalyani then she will not leave her. She raises her fingers to slap her, but stops. She tells that her child saved her and got burnt. Aao Saheb comes there and asks Anupriya to calm hair. She tells that Pallavi got killed for her sin.
Anupriya declares she will go to hospital. Aao Saheb asks her not to go to hospital as she is unlucky, but do what Doctor had said. Anupriya states she can do anything for Kalyani. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya if she can walk barefeet under the hot sun. Anupriya removes her sandals and asks her to tell what Guru ji said. Aao Saheb tells that they are giving this house and is going back to their old Vada. She tells that Guru ji said that this home vastu is not enough for Kalyani. He also said that if Anupriya goes to the old home barefeet holdng Ganesh ji’s idol then only Kalyani can be saved, and you have to pray for Kalyani everything the way. Anupriya says I will do this. Aao Saheb says the way is long and it will take 3 hours for you to reach there, and you shall not stop anywhere. Anupriya says she will do. Vivek describes them and tells that Kalyani’s body is mostly burnt and she is important. Anupriya says she will do and will not let anything fall to Kalyani. Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th September 2020 Episode 483 Video
Malhar takes the kite in which he claimed Moksh to pray for his Aai and asks him to request Bappa to get her fine. He tells that he was upset with Kalyani, but now he can’t be annoyed with her seeing her condition. He says why Bappa made us appear after 5 years, if he has to do this. He flies the kite and it gets stuck. Pawar comes there and tells that Doctor told that Kalyani is important and can’t be said. He asks him to go home as Vivek Deshmukh will not like him here. Malhar tells that he can’t go home until he sees Kalyani fine. He says I will see who stops me. He runs inside and gets upset seeing Kalyani’s burns and injuries.
In the morning, Anupriya walks on the road to go to her old Vada, holding Bappa’s idol and begs for Kalyani’s live. Her feet get damaged and bleeds. Malhar is sitting outdoor. Pawar comes there and tells that Kalyani Madam got knowledge. Malhar says this is good news, why you are tensed.
Anupriya reaches home. Aao Saheb gets there in car with Pallavi and Godaveri and tells that Kalyani has expanded consciousness. Anupriya gets satisfied and is about to get inside the house, but Aao Saheb stops her and tells that she is inauspicious. Anupriya says I have overlooked. Aao Saheb, Pallavi and Godaveri enter Vada. Aao Saheb asks Pallavi not to take water. She asks Anupriya to bring water for Bappa’s Abhishek. Anupriya wins the pot. Just then Godaveri shouts Kalyani tai…Anupriya turns dressings on Kalyani’s face and drops the pot shockingly.

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