Naagin 5 27th September 2020 Episode 15 Video

Tonight’s episode of Naagin 5 begins with Veeranshu’s anger building up as a consequence of Naag-fani’s poison. Mayuri tries to instigating him by talking about his friendship to Bani. The latter reaches the hole of the Cheel clan where Veeranshu laid Veer to rest. Bani plans to keep Veer’s dead body in the light so as to instigate Veeranshu. The moonlight touches the dead body of a kite badly when is exposed to it. Shukla who supported Bani to the cave asks Mayuri to bring Veeranshu to the area. Mayuri reveals Bani’s location to Veeranshu and he blows off. She calls Jai’s kidnappers and informs him that the plan is on. Jai overhears her. Mayuri reaches the cave and waits for Veeranshu to hit Bani.
Veeranshu, on the other hand, asks Bani to give his brother’s coffin alone. Mayuri shows the one to kill Aadi Naagin will get all of her powers. Bani and Veeranshu have a passionate argument. Bani is intent on making him beat her so that she’ll kill him. Veeranshu tries to hold her but Bani is hellbent. Veeranshu is furious and as the clock ticks, Mayuri and Shukla shoot their signs meant for Bani. It is then revealed that Jai shot an indicator as well but their arrows miss as Veeranshu pushes Bani on. Veeranshu believes that Bani wants to kill him and thinks that she has killed him. Jai who has linked hands with Mayuri asks her to make Shukla leave. She obliges.
Bani takes her twisted form and takes Veeranshu home. Jai is furious with Mayuri. His ideas to get superpowers are foiled. It is then revealed that he was anxious that Naageshwari was made Aadi Naagin in Satyug. He believes Lord Shiva could have presented him with all the powers instead of giving it to Naageshwari.
Balwant and Veeranshu’s family are horrified to see him unconscious. Bani is shocked to learn that Veeranshu has been infected with Naag-Fani. Balwant gets suspicious of Mayuri. Elsewhere, Jai takes out his anger on his criminal. Balwant questions Mayuri. Bani in order to get the antidote starts abruptly. Balwant is furious with Mayuri and openly gives his suspicion. Mayuri seeks Jai’s help to save Veeranshu but he refuses. Jai reaches Naag mandir and plans to take the herb ere Aadi Naagin. Mahaguru hands the herb to Jai. When Bani enters the temple, Jai shuts him up. Bani takes a pot of herb understanding that it is the antidote. Mahaguru tries to warn Bani but Jai gets him drop the herb into the water. Once the herbs come into impact with water, it’s powers fade. Mahaguru slaps Jai and the last kills him.
Balwant is furious that they are not able to get grip of the herb. Bani arrives home with the pot of herb. She goes to save Veer. On the other hand, Balwant questions how come Bani got hold of the herb. Bani uses herb on Veeranshu’s chest. Veeranshu’s body starts turning blue. Bani gets worried as to why the herb is not going on Veeranshu.

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