Ishq Subhan Allah 15th September 2020 Episode 573 Video

Kabir tells Zara that Ruksaar is continuing to be a mother. Ishq Subhan Allah 15th September 2020 Zara is shocked and says Ruksaar is not joined, who is the father? Ruksaar comes there and tells it’s my and Kabir’s baby. Ruksaar tells Zara you have lost me, he is my husband ere yours. Zara starts leaving from there. Kabir tries to hold her but she pushes him away and loses balance. She moves and falls down… it all turns out to be Kabir’s dream. He understands Ruksaar and Zeenat in his place. Zeenat gives him the Quran and says we believed you would break the promise so I got to take you. You promised on this Quran that this will remain a secret in us only. Kabir says but Zara was not in my life, she is my wife now. There shouldn’t be any confidence between us, I will explain everything to my Zara. This will remain a secret, she will protect our honor and will keep this a secret. Zeenat says you will do a sin by breaking Quran’s word? Kabir says if it’s about someone’s life then I can tell it and this will remain a secret as I promised. I will tell it to Zara. Zeenat screams that you won’t tell her anything. Kabir says I am sorry but I have to tell her. He is about to leave but Ruksaar holds his game. Kabir says leave me. Ruksaar holds the Quran in front of him and says don’t be so weak in Zara’s love that if you tell the fact about our marriage and this baby then I won’t let this baby come into this world. This innocent baby will die and only you will be liable for that.. Kabir gets angry and is about to slap her but Zeenat stops him. Kabir says oh my God! he is disgusted and tries to quiet down. He shouts that I haven’t seen a more selfish partner than you. He throws the glass away in anger. Imran gets there and says let’s go. He sees Kabir angry and looks on. Zeenat says I badly dropped this glass. Kabir angrily leaves from where. Ruksaar tells Zeenat that I want to prick Kabir, he doesn’t know how I need to tell this truth to Zara. If Kabir tells everything to Zara then how will I show him to be a liar? I will open this code but it won’t be blamed on us.
The head priest asks Irfan if Ruksaar and Kabir’s split was finalized? Irfan answers I didn’t ask Kabir. Salma says their 2 divorces were done and one was living and I am sure Ruksaar wouldn’t allow Kabir to marry Zara if she was given to him. Irfan nods. Zara gets there and sits down. Kabir comes there as a servant. He greets everyone. Salma plays with him. Zeenat and Ruksaar come there too. Zeenat says we will do the ritual this season also. All look on. Zara hints at Kabir. Kabir says I couldn’t leave them alone with Shahbaz so had to call them. Some Wasim and Saira come there. The head priest says Saira wanted to ask some questions related to marriage so I thought Zara could answer them. Saira gives the issues to the head priest. The head priest says the first question is what’s the importance of a marriage for a girl? Zara says the relation between husband and wife is sacred and the baby made from it makes everyone proud, the marriage means to make your own house but someone else’s house too. The second question is what does a girl expect from her husband? Zara looks at Kabir and honesty. Kabir is tensed. And I am happy to say that Kabir has it completely. A man says no one can question Kabir’s honesty. Imran says he is an example of honesty. Zara says there is another expectation a girl which is that the husband doesn’t involve anyone else his life than his wife. Kabir is stunned and eyes Ruksaar. Ruksaar says I can verify that Zara can’t share Kabir with anyone, I remember when Zara got to know about my nikah with Kabir in Dubai, she wanted to leave Kabir. Zeenat says that was an old thing but I want to ask Kabir if there is anything like this right now in his life? He can tell Zara. Salma says you shouldn’t do cheap jokes like this. Zeenat says I am sorry if you find this cheap. Kabir looks away. Zara asks Kabir he looks worried, what happened? Kabir says I was thinking about what to gift you. Zara says don’t think about it, you gave me a camera last time, I know what I want this time, smile now. Kabir smiles. Irfan says let’s begin the bidai. Zara and Kabir at each other. The head priest says I will not have supper. They all go to have dinner, Kabir remains with the top priest. Ishq Subhan Allah 15th September 2020
Kabir tells the head priest that I am very concerned, can you tell me my duty as a husband? The head minister says it’s to protect her and tell her every truth. Kabir says I am not making it, I promised someone to keep their dark and they forced me to promise on Quran and threatened on someone’s life so I had to do it, I didn’t know about Zara and now she is behind and I can’t tell her the truth because of this promise, I feel like I am beating Zara like this. The head priest asks if the promise is valid? Kabir says totally. The head priest says the most significant thing is to save lives and if you break a promise on Quran than it’s a very big sin, I am sure you can make Zara experience with your intention and seeing as there is nothing wrong with that. I pray for you. Kabir thanks him.
Zeenat asks Ruksaar to not do something fast. Ruksaar says we don’t have much time, they will complete their marriage. Zeenat says let them become one tonight and then tomorrow we will separate them. Ruksaar says no and tells the hospital’s admission form. She says Kabir signed this paper as my partner and it says that I am 3-months important. Zeenat says so what? Ruksaar says I will put this form in Kabir and Zara’s apartment. When Zara was dying to love Kabir and bring Kabir in her arms, this form will pop-up, Zara will read it and find the fact.
Zara is leaving the house. Irfan is sad. Zara screams and hugs him. The head priest says I pray for them to do their problems together and make their lives happy. Kabir smirks at Zara. Ruksaar and Zeenat smirk. Rukaar tells that this will be a night of destruction. Ishq Subhan Allah 15th September 2020

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