Guddan 15th September 2020 Episode 485 Video

Guddan kisses Choti and says I will ever be with you. Guddan 15th September 2020 Choti says promise? Guddan replies yes. Guddan touches her face. Guddan says I will ever be with you. Choti says mama, I will always find you. Choti says mama, where did you go? Choti can’t see Guddan. She cries and says mama wherever did you go? Did you leave me alone again? Guddan’s soul tells Choti I am always with you. You should sleep. Guddan makes her dream.
Choti cries. She says mama was here. Durga says what occurred? She says mama came but she gave me. Durga says we are with you. Choti says why doesn’t she wait with me? Durga says your mama is always with you she now lives with lord Krishna. Don’t worry about what occurred downstairs. Choti says we need money right? Durga says don’t worry on that. I am making Aarav’s favorite mac n cheese and your cake. She says I will help. Durga says you’re like your father. He was world’s best chef. Get new and come downstairs. Choti says SJ is in tension. I know what to do.
Saru says I am sick and tired of using fake jewelry. I was getting money but that Choti ruined it. Choti comes to her place and says I have money, you need it right. It will solve all your queries. She gives her money box with coins. Saru throws it and says you think I am a beggar? Your mom used to do the same drama. She shoves her and says let me show you the truth. Choti says please leave me. Guddan 15th September 2020
Saru brings Choti to the cliff. Choti says I am afraid of heights. Please let me go. Saru says 10 years ago your fathers fell from this cliff and died. And let you on us. Saru says you’re fit for nothing just like your mother. She couldn’t do anything. You have only destroyed our lives.
Choti walks towards the cliff and remembers what Saru said. Choti’s eyes are closed. She gets close to the end. A boy holds her hand and says you aren’t a sparrow that you would fly if you come. You could fall and break your teeth. You would look funny. Choti cries. He says sorry I was playing. You will look good even without teeth. He gives her water and says why are you alone? Where are your fathers? I am Sheku. What’s your name? She says Choti. He says we are all small. She says my style is Choti Guddan. He laughs and says let me leave you hojme. Choti walks away.
Saru comes home and says I hope she visits there. Bell rings. A lady gets in. It’s Pushpa. She walks in the house. Saru states who are you? Her men bring in various gifts. Saru says so many stuff, who are you? Pushpa sits on the sofa. She says it was a good mahorat. So I came myself unless I have many servants to make this deal. Saru says who are you? Her PA states this Pushpa Birla, owner of Birla sweets. All events order desserts from her only in this city. Saru tells so sorry. Please sit. How did you come? Pushpa says I want that establishment. Today only. I want it. I will give you 7 crore. Saru says for that remains? Pushpa says I cam turn it into gold. My Guru ji says that. She opens her 10 lacs and says this is the advance. Rest would be returned after my lawyer ends the details.
Durga comes and says you are confused. This restaurant is the dream of our FIL. It’s priceless. Images are priceless. Pushpa says even family is priced. I am here to rate it for 7 crore 20 lacs. Durga says AJ names this establishment for his daughter Choti. It’s hers. No one has any right on it but her. No stranger or insider.

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